Japanese mobile game superstar Nameko goes into Southeast Asia

BeeWorks Games' Nameko Saibai Kit, the popular mobile game series in Japan still maintains popularity. They passed the total 40 million downloading at the end of last month...

The household appliance chain Chung Yuen Electrical in Hong Kong presents original goods to consumers...

And the chocolate snack where toys were attached to is sold in Taiwan.

In these countries, Nameko is more popular than Japan. Furthermore, BeeWorks Games let Nameko go into Southeast Asia. They released Android application of a Thai version and the Indonesian version in the beginning.

ชุดเพาะเห็ด Seasons

Nameko Gardening Kit
Nameko Gardening Kit Seasons

They supported Japanese, Italian, French, English, Chinese, Korean until now, but this is the first time that they support Southeast Asian languages. According to the Social Networking Service, the Southeast Asian countries already have a lot of Nameko fans, and the goods seem to be sold, too(but most of those are illegal copy products). Southeast Asia may become like Hong Kong and Taiwan from now on.

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