Ingress x Roppongi Art Night

Japanese Ingress players are known by doing interesting activity.

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Google cooperates with them now, and cooperated with an art event of Roppongi, Tokyo in April.

Roppongi Art Night is a public art event held in a town of Roppongi every year. Roppongi where is full of business people, club people and tourists from the foreign countries becomes full of public art works only at a night of this event.

Ingress cooperated with this and held the "Ingress Roppongi Art Night Special" which assumed 18 artwork portal. Players hacked these portal and were able to appreciate works.

Furthermore, the special direction that the color of the pillar of the light of Roppongi Hills changed was performed hourly by a power of both camp.

The real size statue of the Godzilla was one of the portal!

Because too many players played Ingress, the huge screen which showed the situation of 18 portal flashed on and off.

This battle was continued until the daybreak, but resistance(blue) was superior. Of course all visitors did not know Ingress. However, this event would become the good promotion of Ingress for Google.

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