AI looks for your clothes

Instagram has become a place to meet new fashions and styles beyond the simple social networking services. But what if your favorite Instagramers show their nice clothes but don't write where they bought them? If you want to adopt their style, it is hard to find the same clothes on your own. Therefore, Metaps-One has released an application miel that AI searches for similar items from various EC sites and suggest them based on the images of Instaglammers and photos taken by you.

If you like the suggested items, you can buy them right from within the application. Usage is simple. When you find nice coordinates or fashion items in social networking services or magazines, upload these images to the application. Then, AI searches images across various EC sites to find items similar to your favorites.
Machine learning is used for this image search. The core technologies are Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and Vector Representations, and the application uses CNN to determine the types of items and delete backgrounds. Also, the application uses Vector Representations to mathematically show the relationship between items that are difficult to explain in language, referring to the axes that are suitable for fashion, such as item colors, patterns, sleeve lengths, and collar types. It is used for machine learning while expressing in space.
Metaps-One says that the strength of this application is an EC function that allows users to search for images and immediately purchase items. Currently, they are recruiting partners from EC sites that provide data feeds of items to applications.
The application download is free(iOS/Android).

via https://metaps-one.com/news/miel-release

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