Your toothbrush plays music

Children dislike teeth brushing . Even adults may find it troublesome. So Kyocera, Lion and Sony have developed children's toothbrushe "Possi" where the musics are played when brushing teeth.

 The concept is to change the teeth brushing that children dislike to a pleasant time. It has a Kyocera's small-sized piezoelectric ceramic element that converts an electrical signal into vibration sound in the head. And the main body has a digital drive amplifier, so that when the brush touches the teeth, vibration is transmitted from the head of the toothbrush to the teeth and the music is reproduced. The music plays only while the head touches the teeth, so children can only enjoy it while brushing their teeth. If your children have own favorite music, you can also connect smartphones with this via an audio cable and brush their teeth with favorite music. The brush parts are replaceable, and the set includes three replacement brushes.
There are three types of color variations: pop(Blue and Red), aqua(Blue and White), and pure(White), the size is 40mm x 46mm x 153mm, the weight is about 60g, and it works with two AAA alkaline batteries. They are currently funding development funds at Sony's crowd-funding platform First Flight. You can buy it there for 17,500 yen (tax included).

via https://first-flight.sony.com/pj/possi

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