Automatic toothpick dispenser with sensor

Popular Japanese restaurants have free toothpicks on their tabletops as a service, and anyone can take them. However, you may feel uneasy about them in terms of hygiene. Therefore, DAITOKU, who normally develop industrial LED light and security cameras, has applied those technologies to toothpick dispensers.

Tsumayoji-Kenjo, which they have developed, has a sensor and just by holding your hand over it, one toothpick comes out automatically(Sensor detection distance is about 10cm).

In addition, it has an ultraviolet light in the inner toothpick storage part, and always sterilizes and maintains hygiene.
The set has its own toothpicks for refilling, but of course you can also put commercially available toothpicks into it. They developed this for use by restaurants, but the price is 3,780 yen (tax included), so ordinary people can buy it, too. The size is 106mm x 77mm x 92mm and works with four AAA batteries.

via http://glanshield.com/yoji/

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