Disney is active in virtual business in Japan

DeNA and Disney agree to bring mobile social games worldwide the end of last month.
via http://dena.jp/intl/press/press-releases/dena-and-disney-agree-to-bring-mobile-social-games-worldwide/

However, that's nothing new. Walt Disney Japan was always aggressive in virtual worlds and a social game. Disney is popular among not only children but also adults in Japan. Therefore the Walt Disney Japan provided a license for a virtual goods. Ameba Pigg is the one of example.

They started a tie-up quest with Disney in farming game Pigg Life. It is the second in this that they carry out Disney quest(First is here).

We can grow the magical farm products and can cook the Mickey Mouse dishes. When we achieve a quest, we got special virtual goods of Disney.

Japanese Disney fans are lucky :)

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