Funny micro work request

Japanese microwork platform Crowdworks had a funny work request.

"Buy Anpan for me
Budget:10,000 yen
Delivery day: April 21
Please buy Anpan and send to my home. I show the concrete delivery place at the time of item establishment. The purchase price for Anpan, transportation expenses and a fee are included in a budget. I welcome the optional suggestion including milk matching Anpan. The number and the brand choice of Anpan entrust you. Please adhere rigidly to 12:00 from 11:00 a.m. at delivery time."

Anpan is a Japanese sweet bun most commonly filled with red beans(Azuki beans) jam.

via Wiki

The budget for such work contents is 10,000 yen?(about 123USD) It's good work! :) By the way, this item was concluded.

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