[Experiment] Does the bond exist on the Internet?

Omocomo is the most playful joke column site in Japan(And it is one of my favorite sites). However, they sometimes show interesting experiment articles.

Sebuyama who is one of Omocoro writers did an experiment used Twitter, mixi and Facebook.


First, he did tweet in this way in Twitter.

After having eaten lunch, I dropped a wallet and became penniless. Therefore I cannot eat dinner. Will you treat to dinner? Please!
Then Twitter users did reply in this way "Eat wild grass!". However, the tender-hearted university student appeared after this, and invited him to the tavern.

Then, he called for help with a diary of mixi. GREE and Mobage are topics, but mixi is still social networking service of the biggest in Japan.

However, there were not the reaction at all. Probably mixi has decreased number of the active users.

Finally, he called for help in Facebook.

Then, Facebook users became kind and were anxious about him in this way. "Is it true? regrettably" "I treat you to a favorite dish if you can come to Ueno" "Because I have rice and a rice cooker, I can treat you" "If you can come to Osaka, I welcome you warmly". Meanwhile, his friend Ryunosuke wrote comment earliest "What do we eat? ". And Ryunosuke took him to the cool restaurant.

This is an interesting experiment to know the tendency of Japanese Internet users. Sebuyama writes various experimental articles as well as this. The part was reported for foreign countries.

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