Camera apps for iOS of photographer Mika Ninagawa "cameran" is fabulous!

"cameran" is camera apps for iOS becoming the topic most in Japan now. Photographer & movie director Mika Ninagawa supervised this. She is known for richly colored works, and we can easily imitate her works using this apps.

This is photo of near my house. It's cloudy sky.
Let's put various filters on it. How to use is about the same with Instagram.

However, the kinds of filters are totally different! Anyway, they are vivid and richly colored!

Furthermore, we can regulate the luminosity, chroma and contrast. This has higher flexibility than other cameras apps.

Oh! Cloudy sky became vivid!

This is the pumpkin which I cultivate.

Farm products became gorgeous!

Furthermore, this has movement function of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

My recommendation is an interlocking movement with Instagram. We can use both of filters of cameran and Instagram if we use this.

We may make a more individual photos.

The scenery of the ordinary country became cool!

In addition, there is the wall papers for the people who wants to enjoy original works of Mika Ninagawa. Of course they are very splendid, too.

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