Cosplay is difficult in not only the reality world but also the virtual world

Japanese popular virtual world Ameba Pigg started a tie-up with masterpiece of Manga/Anime "Lupin the 3rd"(Wiki).

Ameba Pigg sells the Cosplay virtual goods of characters of Lupin the 3rd. Users can let one's avatar do Cosplay using these. However, Cosplay is very difficult in both the reality world and the virtual world.

This is my avatar wearing the wig of male character "Goemon" of the character of Lupin the 3rd.

And this is my avatar wearing the wig of female character #Fujiko". Please compare these with a top official image. These are so unnatural.

In Cosplay, the most important point is "harmony". Wig, clothes and face, all must harmonize.  However, there are few Cosplayers which are completely made in this. There are the Cosplayer where a face and a wig do not harmonize in the reality world, too.

Of course Ameba Pigg users can change the face of one's avatar. Furthermore, they can wear make-up. However, those functions are charged in Ameba Pigg. I think that this reflects real strictness. A high expense is necessary for plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery in the reality world, and we must buy the cosmetics. It is not easy to become cool Cosplayer in both the reality world and the virtual world....

I cannot change a face because I am poor. So I always deceive it by laughing and singing. There is not it so funnily if we cannot see eyes.

And I to turn to back if possible.

By the way, Cosplay and the role playing are very fun! It is right a way of enjoying in the virtual world. We can make friends with unknown users immediately when we do Cosplay.

I remembered early Second Life and became nostalgic. Former Second Life had a lot of such community. How's the now?

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