Indonesian girls band "Cherrybelle" in virtual world Ameba Pico

Japan's Cyberagent cooperates with Indonesian girls band "Cherrybelle" in virtual world Ameba Pico8It's English version of their Japanese virtual world Ameba Pigg).

Cherrybelle is the idol group who debuted in February, 2011. Idol groups are very popular now in Indonesia. Among them, Cherrybelle is the most popular group.


CyberAgent opened a special area of Cherrybelle in Ameba Pico. Users can buy the virtual goods of figure and clothes of Cherrybelle. In addition, users can watch their promotion video in a special area. As a matter of course, many Indonesians gathered there.

CyberAgent performed a lot of tie-ups like this with many artists and celebrities until now in Ameba Pigg. The know-how seems to be just made use of in Ameba Pico.

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