Does the GREE's social race game beat Nintendo?

Do you get tired of Japanese style card battle social games? Then, let's play this.

This is race game application for smartphones/tablets of GREE "Wacky Motors".

GREE released some of "2D" J-stlye social games for a global market. However, this is clearly different from them. This is full 3D and design is not J-style.

Users operates one's character and car, and can do a race in various cities of all parts of the world.
The excellent point of this game is an operation method. This uses the gyro-sensor of the gadget. We can curve a car rightward by leaning a gadget to the right. This operation method resembles an arcade game than a console game.

However, there is the element of J-style social game, too. It is "Gacha". We can get the clothes of a character, and the part of a car by Gacha using the virtual currency earned in the race. The decoration using them is very fun! There are various functions to the parts of the car and can improve the performance of the car by putting them together.

Furthermore, we can make other users and races.

We can earn more virtual currencies when we win the race with other users.

I played this and remembered Nintendo's Mario cart.


Probably, it became such a game if the Mario cart was carrying out smart phone correspondence. However, Nintendo does not do smartphone correspondence to date. Probably GREE aims at next of Nintendo.

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