Next is LINE: Angry Birds gets into the Japanese mobile game more

Angry Birds makes efforts in the collaboration with the Japanese mobile game. They cooperated with mega-hit mobile game Puzzle and Dragons until today. Next, they began a tie-up with mobile game of mega-hit messaging apps LINE "LINE Rangers"(iOS/Android).

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Screenshot: Angry Birds Epic in Puzzle and Dragons

LINE Rangers is the tower defense game that LINE characters in various costume appear. They fight against enemies to help Sally of the small bird carried off by wicked aliens.

Red of Angry Birds comes up as one of rangers in gacha - capsule vending machine and representative charging technique of the Japanese social/mobile games -. When players play gacha, various characters appear at random and Red comes up in gacha until November 17. By the way, Red is an able ranger with stamina. Because LINE Rangers has 20 million users, this is good publicity work for Angry Birds.

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