Next is GREE:Angry Birds cooperates with GREE's mobile game Monpla

Before, I wrote about Angry Birds and LINE's mobile game.

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Rovio Japan makes efforts in the tie-up with Japanese mobile game companies more. Now, they carry out an event about Angry Birds in GREE's mobile game "Monpla".

Monpla is a fantasy RPG that collects various cute monsters and has adventures(well... the view of the world resembles Pokemon...). Originally this is a social game for futurephones and one of the senior titles of GREE. It was provided in GREE for global before, but unfortunately was unpopular among overseas users and has been already shut down. However, it still has many users in Japan.

GREE designed suits for monsters of Angry Birds for this tie-up. Besides, they are 3D models. When players win the fight with the enemy monsters, they can get points. When points save a constant number, they get virtual goods of Angry Birds.

Furthermore, monsters of the enemy wear a suit of Angry Birds!

This is a very elaborate tie-up event. In addition, GREE enforces tie-up events with Angry Birds in another 2 titles "Tsuri-Sta(釣り★スタ)" and "Shometsu-Toshi(消滅都市)".

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