Supercell carried out Japan's original promotion for New Year holidays

Shōgatsu(正月: Japanese New Year festival) is one of the most important event in Japan. Therefore Supercell carried out Japan's original promotion "Hay Day O-mikuji" from January 1.

O-mikuji(おみくじ) are random fortunes written on strips of paper at Shinto shrines(via Wikipedia). Supercell opened a time-limited special site until January 18 emulating this and let players draw Hay Day O-mikuji.

These are kinds of O-mikuji.

Great blessing (大吉: dai-kichi) 
Middle blessing (中吉: chū-kichi) 
Small blessing (小吉: shō-kichi) 
Blessing (吉: kichi) 
Ending blessing (末吉: sue-kichi) 

 Fortunes of this year, characters and items of Hay Day are drawn on each O-mikuji, and players can tweet them to Twitter. Furthermore, players can apply for a present campaign from this site. If we lucky, we can get various Hay Day goods :)

Why did Supercell do such a promotion? Probably because, in The twelve branches(十二支), this year is "the year of the sheep" (What is the twelve branches? via Wikipedia). Players can keep sheep in Hay Day. By the way, next year is "the year of the monkey". Are the monkeys added to Hay Day until the next year?

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