Awesome Collaboration! GungHo announced "PUZZLE & DRAGONS SUPER MARIO BROS. EDITION"

Unfortunately the presence of Nintendo gradually fades in Japan. One of the causes is the prosperity of the mobile game business, but surprising press release was announced. GungHo releases a game for the Nintendo 3DS series "PUZZLE & DRAGONS SUPER MARIO BROS. EDITION" that combined the Mario series of Nintendo with Puzzle &Dragons on April 29. The price is 4,000 yen(about 33.3USD).

Needless to say, Puzzle & Dragons is a popular mobile game of GungHo, passes 33 million downloading in Japan, and passed 6 million downloading in the North America in this month, too. This collaboration is "bitter enemies in the same boat" for Nintendo.

Stages of the games is the mushroom kingdom which is the world of the Mario series. Mysterious "drop" with mysterious power appeared in the mushroom kingdom suddenly, bowser(Great Demon King Koopa) and other Mario's enemies get it and do evil, and Mario Bros. and their friends do the adventure of the puzzle battle to fight against them. According to the screenshot, its rule of game seems to be same as Puzzle & Dragons. However, an outlook on the world is Mario series itself. It is unknown whether this is sold in countries except Japan.

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