Japanese mobile game company Colopl released the 2nd VR game "Shironeko VR Project"

Japanese mobile game company Colopl released the 2nd VR game that supported the Oculus Rift. The title is "Shironeko VR Project(白猫VRプロジェクト)". (*Shironeko means a "white cat" in Japanese)

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Japanese mobile game company Colopl developed a game for Oculus Rift

Shironeko VR Project was developed based on their popular mobile RPG "Shironeko Project(白猫プロジェクト)". It's released in July, 2014 and passes 20 million downloading in Japan. In addition, it was released in Korea in October, 2014 and released in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao in future.

Shironeko Project is a full-fledged RPG of full 3DCG. Players can bring up a character and enjoy powerful battle with huge enemies. Colopl released the controller apps "colopad" for VR games to experience this comfortably in Oculus Rift. This is controller apps to use a smartphone and a tablet as a game pad. Players can operate the action such as move and attack with one finger by using this. They have yet released only an Android version of this, but release the iOS version in a few days.

Originally Colopl was the startup which developed geolocation social game for Japanese futurephones. However, they are VR game companies as well as a representative mobile game company for smartphones now.

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