Next is Yo-kai cat: Jibanyan of Yo-Kai Watch appeared in the reality world by PTAM

I wrote about the interesting example that let character appear in reality world using PTAM.

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A certain Japanese developer made a newer work. Next is Yo-kai cat "Jibanyan(ジバニャン)" from Japanese popular game/anime Yo-kai Watch(妖怪ウォッチ).

Yo-Kai Watch is a series of role-playing games for Nintendo 3DS developed and published by Level-5. It is transmedia storytelling content, and their anime, manga, toys, various goods etc... every product are selling like hot cakes. It is right Pokemon(Nintendo) killer. (via wikipedia)

Jibanyan lives in the room of the Japanese primary schoolchild Keita. However, the common people cannot look at him because Jibanyan is Yo-kai(妖怪: supernatural creatures in Japanese folklore), so Keita looks at them using special gadget Yo-Kai Watch. You would already notice, this is good to AR/VR contents!

The developer put Oculus Rift and PTAM together and realized more real expression. It is really cute!

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