Japanese netizens personified ISIS as cute girls at last

Crappy Photoshops of ISIS by Japanese Twitter users are scattered all over the world, and they started a newer project. This is "personifies" - proud skill of Japanese.

Anonymous Japanese netizens personified ISIS as cute girl "ISIS-chan" ("chan" is nickname expression in Japan). They make her profile and show it in Tumblr. Some illustration works have been shared here already.

This is not the first time that Japanese netizens personified threats and booing as cute girls. In 2010, large-scale anti-Japan demonstration broke out in China, the anti-Japan sentiment of Chinese people increased and they shouted "Riben guizi(日本鬼子)" of Chinese racial term since World War II("Riben guizi" means "Japanese devil" in Chinese). However, a project of personify this as cute girls in Japanese textboard 2channel started. Japanese netizens chose to transform the racial and offensive term into a "Moe(萌え)" character.

Then the image search results of "Riben guizi(日本鬼子)" in Chinese major search service Baidu(百度) happened.

Where are images of Imperial Japanese soldiers and the anti-Japan demonstration? :D The Chinese government judged this to be a serious problem, strengthened the censorship by the great firewall(金盾) and prohibited the image search of Riben guizi(日本鬼子) in Baidu(百度). In other words, Chinese people were not able to search even Riben guizi as racial term, too.

The ISIS personification project aims at this again. If crappy images and cute girls were displayed on screen when youths searched ISIS, at least they may not think to join ISIS. We must upset WW(World War) and make MM(Moe Moe).
Of course the people except the Japanese can participate in this project, too. However it is necessary to note this rule.

The silly is stronger than the terrorism. Let's jump onto a bandwagon of ‪#‎ISISクソコラグランプリ‬(Crappy Photoshop Grand Prix)!

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