[Photo Report] Valentine fair of Nameko Shop in Basement of Tokyo Station

A half year passed after an official shop of Japanese mobile game superstar Nameko opened.

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Now, the shop is doing good business very well and even Asian tourists came to drop in. The shop holds various events every season and it may be the secret of the prosperity.

They hold Valentine fair now.

LOVELY! The Nameko statue is covered with heart!

The stuffed toys of Nameko in conjunction with Valentine's Day are put on the front.

The Nameko goods have the various snacks and cakes. The cookie sets are good as a souvenir to a family.


His name is Masaru, a kind of mysterious Nameko. The real Nameko occasionally come up in a shop and delight children.

They are what I bought.

 Cookie, langue de chat and mascot stuffed toy.

Nameko lies at full length :)

In addition, we get tote bag as a privilege when we do shopping more than 2,000 yen in Nameko official shop now. But it may disappear immediately because this is very popular.

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