3D printer and the filament which are safe for children

3D printer company bonsai lab announced new 3D printer BS TOY that focused on the toy market, and it was displayed in Trend Gallery that introduce trends of 2015 in German toy show Spielwarenmesse.

BS TOY is a cube type of 20 centimeters×3 and weight is 2 kilograms. Corners are round, and a design considered in safety so that children can use it. Molding size is 13×12.5×10(cm). They aim at the release of the end of this year.

In addition, they developed herewith new filament "LT80(Low Temperature)" in cooperation with Polymakr. The temperature necessary for the molding of this is only 80 degrees Celsius, and the finish is a soft flexible type. Furthermore, this is made with the materials which FDA of U.S. authorizes, and considered environment because this is Biodegradability. Now, the color variations of this clear only, but they will release various colors in future now.

via http://www.atpress.ne.jp/view/56560

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