Supercell broadcasts new TV CM of Clash of Clans in Japan

Supercell broadcasts original TV CM of Clash of Clans in Japan from May, 2014.

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Furthermore, they broadcast three new TV CM from February 23. Japanese actress Kō Shibasaki(柴咲コウ) and actor Yūya Yagira(柳楽優弥) appear in these and they are shown earlier in Youtube.

In British residence, downtown of France, office of the United States, Italian cafe, Thai stand, Indian Taj Mahal, players of the world play Clash of Clans, and Kō Shibasaki and Yūya Yagira talk that Clash of Clans is loved all over the world. advertising agency Dentsu and Gunsrock produced these.

In addition, Supercell performs large-scale advertisement development in JR Yamanote Line(Tokyo), Shibuya(Tokyo) and Umeda(Osaka) from March 1.

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