mixi's popular mobile game Monster Strike makes efforts in localization

mixi performed interesting localization measures this month in their popular mobile game Monster Strike.

At first, they started broadcast of its TV CM in Taiwan. Of course they appointed Taiwanese actors and actresses and were produced in Taiwan.

Furthermore, they started Taiwan's original tie-up with Sanrio.

Until March 3, Sanrio's character Gudetama(ぐでたま) -the character of dull slovenly egg- appears in the Monster Strike Taiwan version as an enemy. This is character born in Japan, but is more popular in Taiwan than Japan for some reason.

In this tie-up, players catch Gudetama, use it as material, and can evolve a monster. mixi and Sanrio drew new artwork for this tie-up.

On the other hand, original measures are performed in the Monster Strike Korean version. mixi added Korea's original character "Ju Mong(朱蒙)" on February 18.

Ju Mong is the great King who erected Goguryeo, the northernmost of the Three Kingdoms of Korea in B.C. 37. He is known as King with advanced martial arts skills such as archery(via wikipedia). Three-legged crow(三足烏) which is an important creature in the Korean mythology is drawn in these artwork. mixi will add original characters only for Korea in Monster Strike Korean version from now on. This is a good measure for differentiation.

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