Simple mobile that transform into heart-shape

Bandai and Ymobile collaborate with popular anime Sailor Moon and sell mobile that transform into heart-shape. Decorations stickers, a charm and a heart-shaped battery charger included in the set. The color is pearl red, the weight is 54g and the price are 12,600yen. Now, pre-order begins in Bandai's e-shop. The shipment time is the end of March.

This is simple mobile only for calls and intends for fashionable women. Users can transform mobile to Heart-shape by turning one side. When users make a call, they turn one side and transform it straight, liquid crystalline Indication appears on the body. This does not have a physical keyboard, and users call a phone numbers list by a touch sensor and call. phone numbers list is synchronized with a smartphone by apps.

Pre-order page is here (Japanese)

via http://www.atpress.ne.jp/releases/56174/att_56174_1.pdf

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