Japanese artisans made Ingress candy and got permission from Google

Japanese Ingress players do various creative activity.

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Candy artisans made a cool masterpiece this time. Handmade candy maker Maiame Kōbō(まいあめ工房: mean "My candy studio" in Japanese) from Nagoya, Aichi made Ingress candy. It is made with the manufacturing method of the Japanese traditional candy called Kumiame(組み飴).

Videos of processes are here and here. (Google+ of Maiame Kōbō CEO Takao Nakamura)

Difficult technique is used for Kumiame, the candy of various colors are put together by hands of artisans, made slender, and cut finely. It is difficult to make a hexagonal design in Kumiame, but Maiame Kōbō accomplished it wonderfully. It was introduced in Ingress official Google+ page.

They distributed this in Ingress events in Japan until now. However, they visited Google Japan to use this more cheerfully and asked for licensing. As a result, they got sale permission of the Ingress candy from Google.

They open EC site at once and accept mail order of Ingress candy. In commemoration of sale permission from Google, they sell it for 50pieces/2,000yen(about 16usd) until February 28. Furthermore, they start the production of the Enlightened version candy.

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