This mobile battery looks delicious - SOSOGE!TAIYAKIKUN

Do you know Taiyaki, the Japanese fish-shaped cake? It may be said that it is the Japanese ver. waffle. The most common filling is red bean paste "Anko(餡こ)" that is made from sweetened azuki beans "Azuki(小豆)". However, various versions come up now and other common fillings may be custard, chocolate, cheese, sweet potato...etc... It is cheap and very delicious, even Aerosmith was absorbed in this.

NATURAL design from Nagoya-shi, Aichi released the mobile battery of the Taiyaki shape "SOSOGE! TAIYAKIKUN". It is sold for 5,940yen(about 50USD) in Amazon and Rakuten.

High efficiency lithium ion battery is carried in SOSOGE! TAIYAKIKUN and can charge a smartphone in macroscale of 6,000mAh. The USB connection terminal is attached, and supports both Android and iOS. The color of eyes changes by a residual quantity of the battery, and because a mouth is a hub, you may charge mobile for a sense of the fishing. This is the mobile battery which gets used to being fun just to put it by the side.

Size: 123mm×82mm×25mm
Weight: 135g
lithium ion battery: 6,000mAh
input: DC5V 1.0A(microUSB)
output: DC5V 1.3A(USB)

via: http://www.atpress.ne.jp/view/56966

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