The baby robot which heals elderly people

Masayoshi Kano, an associate professor of robotics at Chukyo University in Nagoya, and Togo Seisakusyo Corp., a spring manufacturer based in Togo, Aichi Prefecture developed baby robot "Smiby(Smile Baby)" which heals elderly people living alone.

Smiby has an sensor that allows it to react when users cradle it in their arms. When users hug Smiby, it begins to laugh. However, if left alone for a while, it start crying. When users leave it for a long time, it falls asleep.
Smiby has expressions and 500 types of voices, cry with tears being indicated by blue lights and cheeks turn pink and smile when it is happy. 
The height is 44 centimeters, weighs is 1.2 kilograms and Price is 68,000 yen.

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