Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten has a cafe in Shibuya, Tokyo

The situation of Japanese public free wi-fi is really shit. However, the stress may be reduced somewhat if you enter this cafe in Shibuya,  Tokyo.

Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten(楽天) opens an official cafe in Shibuya from May, 2014.

It is their flagship cafe here. Visitors can try their e-book tablet Rakuten Kobo and smartphone Rakuten Mobile free here. Furthermore, those service counters are added to the floor of the cafe. Seats have power supply taps and visitors can use the high-speed free Wi-Fi of 1Gbps. Even if you want to work suddenly, there is no problem.

The menus are slightly cheaper than Starbucks. Drinks, sweets and foods are the products which are popular in their e-commerce shop Rakuten Ichiba(楽天市場). The menus serve as their advertising. Business hours are 11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.  Of course even the people who do not have an account of Rakuten can enter.

Rakuten Cafe

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