Japan's KLab develops a mobile game of popular drama glee

Japanese mobile game developer KLab announced that they conclude licensing agreement with Fox Digital Entertainment and develope a mobile game of popular drama glee.

KLab is one of the Japanese main mobile game companies. They are known for success of cute rhythm game "Love Live! School Idol Festival" for smartphones recently.

This has already passed 5 million downloading in a Japanese market, and provided in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and China. In particular, Chinese fans were enthusiastic and kneeled on the ground for this advertisement on the train.

via http://rocketnews24.com/2014/08/04/473085/

KLab applies the know-how of this to a mobile game of glee. In this game, players can play rhythm games with music used in a drama and can relive the story. Of course this is released in the global market, with broadcast of season 6 of the drama.

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