Crossing the Red Sea of Moses became the mobile game in Japan

Christians are minority in Japan, and they are around 1% of the total population. Therefore the Christ newspaper company(キリスト新聞社), the publisher of Christianity newspaper "The Christ Weekly" practices interesting propagation methods only in Japan. They are games. They released the mobile puzzle game of Exodus of Moses on Christmas Eve. The downloading is free and English support available (iOS/Android).

This is an action puzzle, players move puzzle panels, make ways and guide Hebrews to the opposite bank. However, players must move puzzle panels in real time quickly because many Egyptian soldiers interfere with them. This is the puzzle that instantaneous power and judgement are necessary.

Each level have missions, and players can clear levels by accomplishing them. In the critical situations, prophets with various skills help players. For example, Daniel from Book of Daniel summons lions and sends away Egyptian soldiers.

This is the first game of their mobile game label "Bible collection Ω". Players can know the contents of the Bible with playing. This is important in Japan. Because there is not opportunities to read the Bible in both the everyday life and the school in Japan.

This is not the first their interesting propagation. They released card game "Bible hunter" and baseball game "Bible league" about the Bible...

And they publish comics Pyuuritan(Puritan) which personified Christian religious sects serially in The Christ Weekly.

(Kotaku places a detailed article about this)

Of course they are not kidding. They are  serious. Clergymen supervise these, and contents do not have the mistakes. But these are very Japanese.

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