Tennōji-ku, Osaka utilizes Ingress for security activity

Tennōji (天王寺区), the one of 24 wards of Osaka, Japan announced that they utilized Niantic's mobile game Ingress for security activity. They assume Ingress agents vigilantes and have them watch children in a local park.

Agents which want to participate in this activity register accounts with the ward office as security agents. If they notice accidents, they must inform a ward office or the police station of them. The ward office delivers special missions to them every three months, and privileges are presented to the agents which achieved excellent results. The Ingress agents of residence, working, and the attendance at schools in Osaka-shi 16 years or older can participate in this. The ward office offers free mobile batteries and original design bandanas.

Family Crest of Yukimura Sanada(真田 幸村: actual name is Nobushige Sanada 真田 信繁), the Japanese samurai warrior of the Sengoku period is garnished on bandanas. Because this ward has the temple where Yukimura Sanada died.

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