Twitter added emoji for Japanese New Year

Twitter started the offer of the New Year version of Twitter emoji. It expresses Japanese New Year. They are available until January 3.

When Twitter users input hashtags "#あけおめ"(Akeome: Slang of the abbreviated form of greetings of a New Year), "#あけましておめでとう"(Akemashite Omedetou: Greetings of the New Year) and "#謹賀新年"(Kinga Shinnen: Literary style of "I wish you a happy New Year"), emoji of Mount Fuji and the first sunrise of a new year are displayed. This is a classic image of New Year to be used for a New Year's card well.

When Twitter users input hashtags "#初詣(Hatsumoude: First Shinto shrine visit of the Japanese New Year)", emoji of Torii(鳥居: Gate of Shinto shrine) are displayed.

Furthermore, Mount Fuji is displayed in hashtags "#富士(Fuji)", a hawk is displayed in hashtags "#鷹(Taka: Hawk)", and eggplant is displayed in hashtags "#茄子(Nasu: Eggplant)". Mount Fuji, a hawk and a eggplant are good omens to appear in the first dream had in the new year.

Twitter produced these emoji for the Japanese who respected New Year more in comparison with other countries. I do not know whether you can use this in an overseas region. However, they are displayed on the timeline of Japanese Twitter users as emoji if you input them exactly.

In addition, fireworks are displayed in hashtags "#HappyNewYear". This is available throughout the world.

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