Armaments of the Japan Self-Defense Forces are personified at last. Of course "cute girls"

I wrote many articles about web browser game Kan Colle which personified battleships of Imperial Japanese Navy to cute girls until now.

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Then how about the armaments of current Japan Self-Defense Forces? After all they cannot escape from personification also. Zoo, the Japanese application developer announced that they released PC/Mobile game Rick-G-Earth(りっく☆じあ~す) that personified armaments of Japan Ground Self-Defense Force to cute girls on February 24, 2016.

This is a strategic simulation game. Players collect various armaments, organize them and fight against enemies. However, all armaments are personified to cute girls.

She is the 4th generation main battle tank The Type 10.

She is the attack helicopter AH-64D.

She is the attack helicopter AH-64DAH-1S.

In addition, not only active armaments but also old armaments used before appear.

She is the light anti-tank vehicle Type 60 Self-propelled 106 mm Recoilless Gun.

She is the Light Tank M24.

Furthermore, even camps are personified, too.

She is Camp Ichigaya(市ヶ谷). She is office-style. Because Ichigaya is one of the business areas of Tokyo.

She is Camp Kisarazu(木更津). She wears a flight suit. Because Kisarazu has air field.

If you remember her, you are certainly Otaku. She was nose art of attack helicopters.

All their specifications are the same as real armaments, and players can modify them.

The map is a board game type using Hex. Players arrange units on the map, move and fight against enemies. As for the map, each area of Japan becomes the basis. Tanks are advantageous in city areas and plain areas, but they are disadvantageous in mountainous areas.

This is released in Yahoo!Mobage(for PC) and Rakuten Apps Market(for Android). The release of iOS apps ver. is after those.

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