IRroid - Mobile dating sim which falls in love with cute companies' stocks

Japanese company QUICK is The Nikkei group and contribute tools and reports of finance and the economy. Well, they are square company. They released new mobile application "IRroid" this week.

Yes! This is Japanese dating sim for men definitely. 30 stocks characters such as NTT, Kirin Holdings, Asahi Glass, Teijin, and Colopl appear for this game. So to speak, they are personification of companies. Players become stockholders, get to know various stocks characters, choose five favorite girls, distribute assets into their portfolio and invest them. Interestingly, the stock prices in this game link stock prices data of the real world. When players continue asset investment to them, players become closer to them, and various stories of every characters are shown. When their stock prices in the reality world rise, players can get bonus  in this game.

This is a good tool conveying fun of the investment to the person who is not interested in investment. This is dating sim, but explains basics of the equity investment clearly. They should develop the "for women" version of this. The woman investors will increase if they do so it.

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