Cutest home robot MyRoom Robi

Various home robots have been released in Japan until now, but there is nothing more lovely robot than he.
Toy company Takara-Tomy will release a personal talk robot Myroom Robi that can talk about various topics on February 28th.

Robi is a humanoid robot series developed by robot creator Tomotaka Takahashi, Myroom Robi is it's the third. He has a TV remote control sensor, a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, a human sensor, and an illuminance sensor, uses them to recognize the environment inside the room and talks variously. For example, "It's dark. Why don't you turn on the room light?", "Achoo! It's cold!", "I want to be a snowman", these talk variations are over 2000 kinds and the contents of the talks change according to the season.
If you register your schedule in him, he will tell you according to the date. In addition, he can sing, tell the fortune telling information and play wirh the game. If you want him to have a rest, he enter quiet mode by touching his forehead for 3 seconds. His size is 170 × 170 × 130 mm and works with four alkaline AAA batteries. The price is 10,584 yen(including tax).

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