Make unattended sales smart

Now, Mobile payments are rapidly spreading and this may further accelerate it. IoT gadget maker Cerevo showed an micro-mini vending machine Qvie with 3G / 4G communication function at CES 2018. The price of this is yet to be determined, but they will release this this summer.

Qvie consists of a cargo unit that puts items and a head unit that has a payment function. The head unit has electronic paper display and NFC, customers can pay by scanning the QR code with a smartphone camera or holding a smartphone supporting NFC, and when payment is completed, the cargo unit is unlocked. The head unit has 3G / 4G communication function, and troublesome setting accompanying communication is unnecessary. In addition, the head unit and the cargo unit have large capacity batteries, so they works about one month continuously.

If you want to sell various items, you can connect multiple cargo units to one head unit and use them simultaneously. Furthermore, you can check sales data such as unlocking time of cargo unit, its number of times, sales amount in real time from smartphone. The size of the head unit is 44 × 45 × 150 mm and the cargo unit is 159 × 383 × 305 mm(Including legs). The weight is yet to be confirmed.

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