Make shopping among family smart

Ask someone in the family to shoping for daily necessities...That is what everyone is doing, but often due to forgetful or contact mistakes, it's become troubles of families. Startup IRITEC has released the iOS version of the utility application FamilyMemo that solves this.

This is an application that shares shopping memos within the family. For example, if you notice that your famiry have run out of shampoo, and write it in this application, other family members can know that information, and somebody in your family will buy it.

Family members who have completed shopping while watching shopping memo can inform other family that they completed their shopping by checking the items. Adding items are easy, you can manage shopping memo you use only by yourself and shopping notes shared by your family on separate tabs. So, if you live alone, this app will be useful. Unfortunately, the Android version of this has not been released yet.
Downloading iOS version is free.

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