Enjoy karaoke everywhere --- Bluetooth Karaoke microphone

In Japan, January is the rush month of the New Year party. This microphone is useful if you are a party organizer and it is troublesome to book a karaoke room.

This Bluetooth karaoke microphone links with smartphones or tablets and converts every place into a karaoke room. When you choose your favorite tune from mobile application that link with this, you can sing with that tune that played from a speaker at the bottom of microphone. Of course this has the function to lower the volume of the vocal only. In addition, you can also adjust the volume of microphone itself and echo. If you want to sing tunes which JOYSOUND karaoke machine has, link with Karaoke JOYSOUND application. Or, if you want to sing the tunes on the CDs, use the I - O DATA's gadget CD Reco and its application. The size of this is 220 x 64 x 64 mm, and the weight is 210 g. Battery capacity is 2200 mAh, it works for about 5 hours with 3 hours charging. The color variations are gold, silver and pink, and the price is 5,378 yen (including tax).

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