Easy programming learning

As programming becomes a compulsory subject at elementary school starting from 2020, interest in programming learning is increasing year by year, but learning may be troublesome even for adults. Therefore, the programming e-learning site Progate has released an application that makes it easy to learn their curriculum with smartphones. Currently it is only iOS version, but of course they are also preparing the Android version.

In this application, you can learn about programming with a curriculum equivalent to the web version. UI/UX is optimized for smartphones, and you can practice coding with original keyboard. Since the code you wrote is reflected in the preview screen immediately, you can learn while checking whether the code is correct or not.
The users they are assuming are kids of elementary ~ high school students who do not have PCs. Many cute illustrations are used for teaching materials to make them familiar with coding, and each time they do the curriculum one by one, their level will go up. That is exactly like a game. Now, you can learn with this application in the beginer level of HTML and CSS, but the curriculums are going to increase with future updates.
Application download is free.

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