Nameko multiplies in Hong Kong

Japanese mobile game superstar Nameko makes efforts in the advance to the foreign territory. He is already popular in Taiwan, and the recognition in Korea increases, too. At last, he goes ashore in Hong Kong this month.

Shopping mall LCX of Hong Kong holds a large-scale tie-up event with Nameko on June 20 - August 31. A lot of Nameko photo spots are set up in the shopping area,

Surfboard brand O'Neill displays a collaboration surfboard,

Ramen shop Menya Musashi(麺屋武蔵) provides Nameko ramen set,

Nail salon LAKA Manicure Express draws Nameko nail art,

Nameko mug cup is given the people who purchased products more than HK$2000 with less than two receipts in LCX,

And The stamp rally event is carried out. A clear file of Nameko is given first 500 people who collected all stamps.

Opening ceremony is held on June 26, Shingo Kawai of the designer of Nameko and cardboard Nameko of the Nameko evangelist come up as a guest.

I think that this is an outcome of Nameko having already got popularity in Hong Kong. The shopping mall will expect pulling in customers by Nameko.

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