Toeicl Hero---J-RPG which trains English listening ability

The Japanese English ability is still hopeless. Though we study English for six years in school days, it does not improve at all. This iOS apps may improve this situation to some extent.

Toeicl Hero is English listening e-learning apps of the nostalgic J-RPG style. It reminds of J-RPG of NES era such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. We operate a businessman ordered improvement of the English ability from the company and, fight against monsters by listening various English words and English example sentences.

When we happen to meet monsters, the battle mode such as these unfolds, and the sound of words or example sentences by the native speaker is played. When we answer it correctly, we can attack monsters.

The superior point of this game is very fun as J-RPG. We can listen many English words and example sentences by playing a game naturally. This is right gamification of the English learning.

However, we happen to meet strong boss monsters and may be murdered by them simply because this is a game. This feeling of strain is fun, too. When I play this, I remember the time of the primary schoolchild. I think that this is suitable for not only business people but also children.

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