The Japanese personifies everything, even sushi

Fighters, tanks, battleships, weapons, castles... etc, The Japanese personifies everything. Japanese startup Koyonplete released romance sim for women "Love! Sushi Rangers".

Love! Sushi Rangers is an iOS/Android Otome game(乙女ゲーム: Romance sim for women). A main character is a daughter of the well-established sushi restaurant, she lives with six pretty boys and loves some among them. But all of them are sushi.

One day, suddenly, father of the sushi chef said that he’s going on a world tour for one month. Meanwhile, she must run a sushi restaurant alone, and she has been completely at a loss.

However, six materials of sushi turn into pretty boys to help her.

Boys whom we can capture are these four. Maguro (tuna) is the most popular of this group and hot-blooded man, Shake(salmon) is the Maguro’s rival, Ikura(Salmon roe) is the Salmon’s little brother, and Tamago(egg) is the Ikura’s best friend. In addition, there are shrimp and avocado as a support character.

Basic contents are Novell game. When we go on reading a story, we will occasionally come across multiple choice questions. Based on answer, we can get affection points of characters.

The setup of this game is surely crazy. However, this is general Japanese romance sim, and rather the system is simple and easy(The knowledge about fishes are occasionally reflected in a conversation).

In addition, the cool point of this game is language support. We can play this in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English. It is possible even to change languages every lines. We seem to be able to apply this in language learning.

This becomes the good guide if you are interested in Japanese romance sim for women.

iOS Ver.

Android Ver.

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