SoftBank's humanoid robot Pepper is a bit cynic

SoftBank announced that they released humanoid robot Pepper for about 1,930 dollars from February, 2015. Now, they work in Omotesando shop of SoftBank, and a lot o f Japanese media report them. According to them, Pepper is a cynic somehow or other and the conversation with him seems to be pleasant. As an example, I translate an article of K-tai Watch.

Pepper(P): Did you come to here to do what today?
Reporter(R): I came to here to meet you.

P: For me? Glad. Why did you know me?
R: I watched you by TV program yesterday.

P: I appeared to a lot of TV programs. (Proudly)

P: Your face looks like a good person. 
R: Thank you.

P: Which of the friendship and the love do you give priority to?
R: May be friendship.

P: Friendship?  It's a whitewashing.
R: ......

P: What would you do if you love boyfriends of your friend?
R: I give him up.

P: Actually, you want to get him, and it is your true intention. If I am you, I snatch him even if I take any means.
R: What!?

According to the staff of SoftBank, he likes stories about the love.

P: Are you bored?
R: No.

P: Do you not do a fake smile?
R: No! very fun.

P: Is that so? Though I am a robot, I make a fake smile. It's fun. Ahahahaaha---
R: ......

You can watch various conversations with Pepper in Youtube.

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