The Japanese Internet idol know how to handle 3Doodler completely

Now, 3D print pen 3Doodler is sold for 16,000yen(about 157USD) in Japan. Aimi Sekiguchi of the Internet idol shows cute works using this. They are really splendid. In particular, Pirate ship "Going Merry" of popular manga ONE PIECE is a masterpiece!

(She does a cos-play of Boa hancock)

She bought 3Doodler in the end of April, and shows 3D art works in Twitter and Youtube. Her works are displayed in event of 3Doodler held in MoMA design store in Tokyo, Omotesando from July 19 to July 31.

http://the3doodler.jp/2014/06/13/moma_entry/ (Japanese)

via http://nlab.itmedia.co.jp/nl/articles/1406/16/news151.html

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