DeNA purchases the Yokohama stadium

This is not known very well abroad, but Japanese main mobile game company DeNA has a professional baseball team called "Yokohama DeNA Bay-Stars". They are pro-baseball teams based in Yokohama which is capital city of Kanagawa Pref. located next to Tokyo. DeNA established a subsidiary in December, 2011 to run them and entered the pro-baseball league in earnest from 2012. Thereafter, they carry out tie-ups using  social games/mobile games, and make efforts in the acquisition of fans. hey succeed, they called out 1,810,000 fans in the games of this season.

And they purchase the Yokohama stadium which is home ground of Yokohama DeNA Bay-Stars by take-over bid. It is that the purpose of their purchase unifies a team and the management of the stadium and performs capital spending and business administration quickly. The purchase total sum is 9,840 million yen.

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