Line for coloring of Yo-Kai Watch moves by apps

My mum bought materials of retort minced chicken bowl(そぼろ丼) which cooperated with Level-5's popular game/anime Yo-Kai Watch.

Such line for coloring of Jibanyan(ジバニャン) for children is placed in its box. However, this is also AR content.

At first we paint these in colors.

Next, we access the campaign site and download AR application. Unfortunately, the texts of a site and apps are written only in Japanese, but apps are downloadable from countries except Japan.

Scene of the Japanese festival appears when we start apps.

 When we tap scene of the Japanese festival, it changes to the image recognition screen with the camera. Let a camera recognize line for coloring of Jibanyan.

Then Jibanyan is cut out of a box and begins to move!

And he gets into scene of the Japanese festival. You can move him by tapping him and take screenshot by tapping a camera icon.

The scenes that we can use when we play this a lot increase. This is the Japanese beach.

Let's try blue Jibanyan, too.

It's confectionery company Glico to provide this(They sell also retort foods and the drinks). They performed similar AR promotion with popular anime/manga Doraemon last year.

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Line for coloring of Yo-Kai Watch is simpler than Doraemon of the last year, but children will be pleased. Worry is useless even if you do not live in Japan, you can download PDF of line for coloring in a campaign site like apps.

By the way, of course I ate minced chicken bowl properly.

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