Mobile game developer gumi also join in VR business

Now, Japanese VR market may be "bubble" boom. Mobile game companies enter VR in sequence.

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GREE entered the VR business and established GREE VR Studio
Mobile game company Colopl established the subsidiary which produce VR panorama video

Next is gumi. They establish subsidiary "Tokyo VR Startups" in December to support VR startups. Tokyo VR Startups does not develop VR contents, but contributes funds and working space to the VR startups. In other words, they are incubator. The incubator specialized in VR is the first among Japan. The company profiles are these.

Company name: Tokyo VR Startups
Address: 1-2, Nihonbashi Hakozaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Establishment date: December 1, 2015
Capital: 17,500,000 yen
CEO: Hironao Kunimitsu
Business: Support of the startup performing the product development that utilized a VR technology
Share-holding: gumi 100%

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