GREE entered the VR business and established GREE VR Studio

Now, Japanese mobile game companies pay attention to VR. Main mobile game company GREE is no exception.

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Mobile game company Colopl established the subsidiary which produce VR panorama video

They established new studio GREE VR Studio which developed VR contents and released their first VR game for smartphones to play using simple VR goggles such as Google Cardboard(iOS/Android :Now only in Japan).

This is not the first time that they challenge VR game. They exhibited demo of the social VR game in Tokyo Game Show 2015, and ironically, it was the most popular in GREE booth.

VR game released this time is a single play, but is a very cool adventure game. Players can explore in remains of Egypt,  fight against enemies, and solve the mystery of remains. They develop various VR contents including movies and experience-based contents as well as games after this.

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