Halal Japanese food recipe site for Muslims

Japanese startup Tsutau opened recipe site HALAL RECIPES JAPAN of the haral Japanese food which Muslims can eat.

All the Japanese food recipes introduced in HALAL RECIPES JAPAN are arranged for Muslims, and of course pork and alcohol ingredients are deleted. Brief snacks, home-cooked meals, meat dishes, vegetable dishes, fish dishes, noodles, rice dishes, soup, dessert, etc... recipes of the most dishes which are generally eaten in Japan are placed. Furthermore, it has soup stock, miso, the sleeve notes of basic seasonings such as the soy sauce. Users having allergies can search recipes without the wheat flour, milk, and egg. It is a site written in Japanese, but you can change it to Arabic, Indonesian, Thai, Tamil, French, Bengali, Malay, English, Chinese by an automatic translation function of Google translation.

Unfortunately there are few Muslims in Japan, and halal foods are not common. Tsutau aims at spreading understanding to halal foods in Japan by opening HALAL RECIPES JAPAN.

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japan halal food is here at Tabigo.Asia.

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