Level-5 and NHN PlayArt released a mobile game of Yo-Kai Watch

Level-5 released their popular game/anime Yo-Kai Watch in North America from October. They will carry out various campaigns of this for a holiday season.

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Of course they do not forget a Japanese market. They released Yo-Kai Watch's first mobile game "Yo-Kai Watch Puni Puni(妖怪ウォッチぷにぷに)" with NHN PlayArt in the end of October.

Yo-Kai Watch Puni Puni is a joint development mobile game of Level 5 and NHN PlayArt. The beginning, players make friends with Yo-Kai butler Whisper, and battle against Yo-Kais who are in the downtown with puzzle according to his guide. When players win to Yo-Kais, they can make friends with them.

To be frank, Yo-Kai Watch Puni Puni is resemble LINE:Disney TSUM TSUM. Sure thing. These developers are the same:) Mobile game "LINE: Disney TSUM TSUM" which NHN PlayArt developed makes a hit all over the world as well as Japan. It passed 45 million downloading, and the number of the goods sale passed 10 million.

In Yo-Kai Watch Puni Puni, NHN PlayArt added the element of the RPG to a casual puzzle like Disney TSUM TSUM. Furthermore, graphic is 3DCG like the Yo-Kai Watsh series for Nintendo 3DS and rhese are very cute! Now, unfortunately we can play this only in Japan, but it may be released global if Yo-Kai Watch makes a hit abroad.

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